Saturday, July 19, 2008

Accomplishments Part 2

Ok, so a few posts ago I made a list of things I felt pressed to accomplish before the new addition to our family arrived. The nesting is in full swing... and I thought I would update you on my list. Not that you care, but this is my way of virtually crossing it off my list:)

Things I have accomplished:
1. sorted, washed and put away all blankets, toys, bibs, hats, and clothes
2. Washed and put back together all cushions and slings for all the gadgets, slings, and bouncies.
3. Set up bassinett in our room, consisted of moving a little furniture (I know it's a little early, but like I said nesting hit full swing and I just couldn't resist)
4. Bought a baby book and have started filling it out
5. Bought a take home outfit for the baby, Yeah.

Ok, so I know I warned you before of my obsession with detailed lists, so I'm stopping now. Point being, We are well on our way to having a nursery again! Not that it has been that long since we had one:). Well better go get a few more things knocked off my list while I have some energy.

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