Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bubble Fun

My aunt showed me this trick and my kids love it , and since so many of you have kids around the same age I thought I would share it with all of you.
What you will need, One fly swatter for each child, pie plate/frizbee/or any other shallow dish, and a large jug of bubbles.
Pour bubbles into the dish, dip fly swatter and wave it around like crazy!!!
A swarm of bubbles will come out and entertain you kids for a very long time!!
Warning: watch for flying fly swatters, I have to swiped a couple of times, and expect sticky hands when they are done:) Hope you all give it a try. :) Happy summer:)


  1. I love all the updates on the house. Ya'll did awesome. I can't believe you did that while you were so pregnant. What a woman. I always feel so good when my house is looking cute. Enjoy!

  2. I love the fly swatter with bubbles idea! We may use that this summer at ACA. Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the upadates on your home. I am sure it is now a place you can truly enjoy and relax in. I love the green you chose. Great JOB!

  3. Your house looks great and I love the bubble idea. It was so good to see you guys at the game. William is quite the conversationalist.

  4. all i can say is, "WOW!" ya'll did an awesome job on your renovations! i especially love the paint colors!!! what color is the play room? the boy's artwork is PERFECT for that room. you are so creative! everything looks so great. :)
    oh, and i love the flyswatter idea. aren't bubbles the best?

  5. All the changes you made to your house are amazing!!!! I'm so impressed! The boys are just too cute! Hope you are feeling well!