Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Memories

Easter! Such a fantastic holiday with such a marvelous story to go along with it. We spent the weekend as a family doing fun things. And ended the weekend with a morning remembering the day at hand. What a wonderful sight that must have been for the diciples and Mary to see. Jesus standing before them, Alive and Well! Yesterday we had several overshadowing events take place that caught Michael and I off guard and dampered our attitude and thoughts, but I will say it was a refreshing sight to watch the joy and innocents our children had to keep our focus on the fact that Jesus is Alive and Well; even today!

Here are some pics of our Easter Egg Hunt.... Aunt Jen joined us for the week.... and it was nice to have her here on Easter. Love you Aunt Jen!


  1. It was GREAT to spend the time with you guys too! Your little guys are so precious and you know how much I love hanging out with you and Mike. Thanks for having me! Love ya!!!

  2. I love the family picture! great shot! glad you had a good one

  3. great pictures!!!! i love the family one! :)
    oh, and shame on you for throwing away thouse grapefruits! :)