Tuesday, October 16, 2007

E.R. Excitement!

About 5:30 last night William was getting into a chair at our kitchen table and missed. This one simple event had a whole night of excitement to follow. William had hit the back of his head on a windowseat behind our table, and the screaming and the blood followed. Although, not nearly as much blood as screaming. A friend took Cade for a little while and we took William to a Minor Emergency Center that is not far from our house. The nurse took one look and said, "He definatly needs soochers, but you should take him to Driscoll Urgent Care, they are much better suited to handle kids..." . So out the door we went and rushed across town. We get there wait for a short time for the Dr. and here is what he said"...I think we should let it heal on it's own. There will be a scar, however it is not worth the trama of stiches." What a relief! William, of course after the initial crying, was a very big boy on the ride and for the Dr's.


  1. Hey- good to hear everythings ok! Just wanted to say hi and we miss yall! -The Africa Caldwells

  2. thank God! I bet that was a scary there for a little bit.